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Embrace EnCloudEn VPNless VDI to give your employees the most secured work from home experience without compromising on productivity. Take the solution for a test drive today and get a 60 days software program for FREE!


Work From Home is just more productive with VPNless VDI

What is EnCloudEn VPNless VDI ?

Unlike generic VDI solutions, EnCloudEn VPNless VDI is a state of the art solution built specifically for Work from Home. Not just new virtual desktops, it also allows users to seamlessly connect to their existing office workstation as well as their enterprise apps & storage. Also, it can be accessed through any personal device over regular internet.

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Transition to EnCloudEn VPNless VDI in 5 easy steps

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Virtual Desktops minus the bad stuff of traditional VDI or DaaS

Different and better than traditional VDI or DaaS
The existing VDI or DaaS solutions do not cater for the changing needs of Work from Home. VPNless VDI is a super lightweight virtual desktop that can be deployed both on or off premises to align with your IT infrastructure policies..
Flexibility of both on-premises or hosted deployment
The choice of where to deploy the EnCloudEn VPNless VDI solution lies with you, the customer. The same solution can be deployed inside your datacenter or can be hosted in an external public datacenter which you don’t need to manage.
Super lightweight with highest packing ratio
These multi-purpose virtual desktops are much more lightweight than general VDI solutions. Focus is on reducing the footprint of each virtual desktop so that the physical server capacity requirement is minimum. A single server can even host 500 virtual desktops
Quickest deployment time of any VDI solution
You of course have the choice of ordering a pre-configured EnCloudEn appliance that is plug and play. But, in case you want to deploy just the software part of the solution in your existing servers, even that can be up and running within just 2 days!
No new Windows licenses required for your setup
A new virtual desktop solution should not make you buy Windows licenses all over again. EnCloudEn VPNless VDI presents a perfect solution to be able to leverage your existing Windows Licenses to connect to your existing office workstations.

VPNless VDI is built for Enterprises

How India's largest Biopharmaceutical company got ready to work from home

Even with thousands of employees, the organisation has seamlessly transitioned their desktop users to work from home in no time...

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