Productized OpenStack Distribution | a POD that is just right for you

Experience OpenStack++ with inbuilt Hyper-Convergence and High Availability

One Click Installation - ZeroTouch Maintenance - No Professional Services Required

Embrace OpenStack as Pure Plug-n-Play

The EnCloudEn POD enables enterprises to automate their cloud deployment. With just a few network and hardware inputs, the EnCloudEn orchestrator autonomously sets up the entire complete cloud. Move from installation to launching VMs without the need of getting involved in setup.

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Inbuilt Native Hyper-convergence

High Availability At Every Level

The EnCloudEn Optimization

Inbuilt Native Hyper-convergence

The EnCloudEn POD comes with an inbuilt HCI layer. So now, you have the flexibility to deploy OpenStack on both traditional 3-tier architecture with a SAN / NAS or with an HCI architecture. As a native platform, you can now leverage the power of a tightly integrated stack. Learn more here

High Availability At Every Level

The EnCloudEn POD comes with High Availability built by default at every level. Every single service runs with a redundant architecture in mind so that irrespective of a disk or even a complete node failure, the entire cloud is up and running all the time.

The EnCloudEn Optimization

Designed with a micro-service architecture, this ensures that there are minimum infra overheads and the entire HA cloud can be set up in 3 nodes as compared to 6 or 9 for most others. Not only do you have the ability to run the same node as a controller, compute, storage and network node as required, you can even utilize the process and application orchestration & monitoring to control what’s inside of your VMs.



A state-of-the-art dashboard that makes everything available at a single click

An enhanced productized OpenStack that does not need any certified engineers

Make your life easier with louvre

  • One Touch Workflows
  • Pro Active Alerts
  • Capacity Planning
  • Live VM Ranking

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